From the September 1930 map of the North Carolina state highway system.

The Lupton Family of Eastern North Carolina

Welcome cousins!

Our family's founder, Christopher Lupton, created a heritage that is continued through several thousand cousins currently living in eastern North Carolina. This website celebrates the lives of Christopher Lupton and his many descendents.

The first records of Christopher Lupton in North Carolina are from 1790. Before that ... little is certain although theories abound. How he ended up on Cedar Island in North Carolina remains a mystery.

Regardless of where he was from and how he arrived he evidently found Cedar Island a fair place to make a home for himself. Along with his wife, Elizabeth Ann Robinson, they soon established the Lupton family of eastern North Carolina that has since spread throughout the Pamlico Sound and beyond.

Feature Articles

feature 1 A Geography Lesson: For many generations members of the Lupton family have made their homes near the waters of the Pamlico Sound. Carteret, Craven, Beaufort, Hyde and Pamlico counties have been the home to Luptons through the years. The counties have changed their boundries many times but regardless of their names, they remain the home of the Luptons. Learn something about what makes this area so special.

feature 2 Sources Used in Researching this Site Thousands of pages of source documents went into creating this website. Many are available for direct viewing right here on the site. Sometimes interpreting them can be a challenge. Here you'll find a few pointers on getting the most out of this website. Take a look.

feature 3 Theories on Christopher Lupton's Origin are plentiful and most accounts say he came from New Jersey. These are based on there having been a family of Luptons living in NJ around the time of his life.

feature 4 This Website is an effort to bring the genealogy and history of the North Carolina Lupton family into the 21st century. The last published work of Lupton family history was released over a generation ago in 1982. Now in 2014 our history is being presented in a new manner. And, with help from everyone in the family, being brought up-to-date.

Contributions of information, photos, documents and stories from Lupton descendants are what helps this site to grow and improve. If you are a Lupton descendant, please take the time to register as a user, gain full access to the site and then contribute!

Calendar thumbnailBarring any hurricanes or new Covid related sicknesses, the next Lupton Family Reunion will be on Saturday, August 14, 2021, at the GOOSE CREEK ISLAND COMMUNITY CENTER, 51 Hobucken Schoolhouse Road, Hobucken, NC 28537. We will be gathering at 12:00 PM with lunch following soon after. Bring your favorite covered dishes and drink. Paper products and ice will be provided. Donations will be accepted to help cover the rent, paper products, postage and ice. Please bring anything you would like to share with everyone. But most of all come prepared to have a good time of fellowship.

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