What's New (past 1 days)

In February 2015 Shirley Edwards and Gladys Holton graciously allowed their many years of work done in documenting the Lupton family to be combined with the information presented on this website. 

It is going to be a huge project merging their information on individuals with the existing information already on this website. Additionally there are thousands of new individuals to enter. This is going to take perhaps years to be done right ... not just dumping it all in. Please have patience, but if you have specific requests on folks you don't see on the site, please don't hesitate to ask!

An update: As of March 2016 the work continues with over a thousand new entries added to this website, but there are many more left to add.

Remember, this site is for all North Carolina Lupton descendants. If you are part of the family, you need to contribute to this website with information to help keep the information on your branch of the family up to date! Photos are very appreciated!

If you are a registered user, you have the webmaster's email address somewhere in an e-mail ... if you are not yet registered, DO IT!