Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC



City/Town : Latitude: 35.2455115, Longitude: -76.56720659999996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALCOCK, Alan Greenfelt  15 Mar 1931Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I390601
2 ALCOCK, Joseph William  13 Feb 1880Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I2398
3 ALCOCK, Laura Jane  29 May 1883Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I2058
4 BARNETT, Roma Louise  24 Mar 1924Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I3113
5 BARNETT, Walter Louis  7 Apr 1878Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I636
6 BARNETT, William Oscar  20 Aug 1901Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I1951
7 BATEMAN, James Norman  24 May 1924Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I680349
8 CARAWAN, Effie Rebecca  29 Sep 1898Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675027
9 CARAWAN, Madge  3 Aug 1907Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I246
10 CARAWAN, Naomi Elizabeth  29 Sep 1900Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I679524
11 GASKILL, Joseph R  Abt 1879Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I3810
12 GOODWIN, Julia Frances  13 Jan 1881Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675040
13 GRAY, Randolph  Abt 1937Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I664616
14 HENRIES, Cassie Mae  17 May 1914Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I668054
15 HENRIES, Osborn Hyman  23 Mar 1916Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675052
16 HOKUM, Doris "Louise"  21 Jan 1930Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675124
17 HOPKINS, Hyman Green  31 Oct 1917Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I664588
18 HOPKINS, Lillian Fair  24 Mar 1923Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I670580
19 HOPKINS, Phillip Earl  9 Nov 1954Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I679697
20 HOPKINS, Vance "Ashley"  8 Jan 1922Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I665060
21 IRELAND, Agnes Gray  12 Mar 1916Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I681073
22 IRELAND, Charlie Green  14 Nov 1943Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I672243
23 IRELAND, Clifton "Roscoe"  26 Jan 1914Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I684323
24 IRELAND, Colon Carol  28 Oct 1921Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675268
25 IRELAND, Edward Derwood  12 Jun 1917Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675266
26 IRELAND, Edward Paul "Chief"  18 Jan 1952Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675300
27 IRELAND, Ella Mae  20 Apr 1889Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675042
28 IRELAND, Harold Lee  23 Dec 1924Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I676701
29 IRELAND, Iva Mae  12 Oct 1911Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675263
30 IRELAND, Jerome Bonepart  9 Jan 1920Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675267
31 IRELAND, Judith Elizabeth "Judy"  9 May 1938Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I674712
32 IRELAND, Lucy Lee  1 Feb 1894Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675044
33 IRELAND, Martha Frances  23 Oct 1908Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I679636
34 IRELAND, Mary Jane  11 Sep 1915Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675265
35 IRELAND, Nathaniel Bryan "Nat"  13 Aug 1902Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675259
36 IRELAND, Nellie Isabell "Nell"  21 May 1918Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I681218
37 IRELAND, Thomas Goodwin  5 Jan 1876Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675024
38 IRELAND, William "Amos"  12 Jan 1881Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I683222
39 JONES, Bobby Gray  6 May 1934Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I676203
40 JONES, Charlie  9 Jun 1908Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I680092
41 JONES, Meredith Leon  19 Aug 1924Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I680097
42 LEE, Wilbert Robert Jr  26 Jul 1931Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675272
43 LUPTON, Alton Derwood  7 May 1915Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I896
44 LUPTON, Andrew James  11 Mar 1897Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I824
45 LUPTON, Annie Fair  14 Jan 1909Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I827
46 LUPTON, Beulah Dean  24 Nov 1942Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I570
47 LUPTON, Carolyn Louise  20 Feb 1920Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I678
48 LUPTON, Clifton Paul  23 Feb 1926Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I564
49 LUPTON, Daniel Dees  3 Sep 1919Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I116
50 LUPTON, Dinksey  2 Jun 1893Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I822

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNETT, Martha C  1882Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675032
2 BARNETT, Mary Frances  20 Apr 1915Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I3902
3 BARNETT, Mary Luvenia  11 Oct 1970Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I637
4 BARNETT, Walter Louis  1 Feb 1948Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I636
5 CARAWAN, Lorena Elinor  14 Nov 1940Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I679665
6 GASKILL, Benjamin Franklin  30 Apr 1969Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I899
7 GASKILL, James Griffin  29 Feb 1964Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I3782
8 GOODWIN, Mary  Abt 1823Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I13
9 HATHAWAY, Thomas Bowen Lee  18 Jul 1944Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675026
10 HENRIES, Osborn Hyman  2 Oct 1972Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675052
11 HOPKINS, Hyman Green  10 Sep 1986Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I664588
12 HOPKINS, Senie Leath  14 Jun 1973Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I925
13 HUDNELL, Emmaline  20 Sep 1931Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I814
14 IRELAND, Amos  1923Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675030
15 IRELAND, Ella Mae  28 Dec 1978Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675042
16 IRELAND, Mary Elizabeth "Betty"  18 Aug 1928Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I678208
17 IRELAND, Monica Regina  12 Jan 2014Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I676705
18 IRELAND, Nathaniel Bryan "Nat"  12 May 1969Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675259
19 IRELAND, Noah William  4 Jun 1917Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I665230
20 IRELAND, Noah William Jr  7 Dec 1932Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675028
21 IRELAND, Thomas Goodwin  28 Jul 1960Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675024
22 IRELAND, William "Amos"  19 Apr 1971Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I683222
23 IRELAND, William Arlie  15 May 1995Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675262
24 JONES, Charlie  17 Jun 1998Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I680092
25 JONES, Sally Elizabeth  5 Sep 1953Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I875
26 LEARY, Violet Mae  31 Jan 1975Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I561
27 LUPTON, Alton Derwood  17 Jul 1975Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I896
28 LUPTON, Anna  1882Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I17
29 LUPTON, Clarissa R  1908Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I41
30 LUPTON, Ella Dean  11 Nov 1951Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I652
31 LUPTON, Frederick Augustus  25 Jun 1961Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I653
32 LUPTON, Helen Cora  18 Jun 1928Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I2771
33 LUPTON, John Alfred  31 Oct 1928Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I817
34 LUPTON, Julia Alice  28 Oct 1951Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I639
35 LUPTON, Mary Thomas  2 Mar 1936Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I500
36 LUPTON, Robert Golden  1 Aug 1950Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I2684
37 LUPTON, Robinson Lester  22 Jan 1981Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I878
38 LUPTON, Rosa Lillian  26 Jun 1987Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I893
39 LUPTON, Shirley Faye  25 Sep 2009Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I929
40 LUPTON, Thomas Robinson  25 Nov 1891Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I35
41 LUPTON, William Alexander  29 Nov 1950Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I47
42 MAYO, Jesse Armstead  12 Jul 1987Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I681072
43 MAYO, Ralph Emerson  26 Jun 1988Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I161031
44 NORMAN, Johnnie Elvin  9 Jun 1942Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I684320
45 PARSON, William Murphy  4 Apr 1975Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I3909
46 PARSONS, Martha Jane  15 Dec 1969Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675080
47 PARSONS, William Murphy  4 Apr 1975Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I675079
48 POTTER, Nancy Elizabeth  23 Feb 1963Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I686102
49 ROBINSON, Bert Pollard  6 Sep 2013Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I684268
50 ROBINSON, Joseph Wallace  15 Mar 1961Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I645

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LUPTON, John Hesizar  Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I825


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 POTTER, Nancy Elizabeth  24 Feb 1963Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC I686102


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARAWAN / LUPTON  27 Jan 1906Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F378
2 GASKILL / LUPTON  7 Mar 1919Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F352
3 HOPKINS / CARAWAN  31 Mar 1919Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F258293
4 LUPTON / CARAWAN  25 Mar 1873Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F1007
5 LUPTON / LEARY  25 Dec 1921Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F213
6 LUPTON / WATSON  4 Dec 1909Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F930
7 MAYO / LUPTON  20 Jan 1880Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F188
8 SADLER / LUPTON  26 Jun 1899Hobucken, Pamlico cnty, NC F375