Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC



City/Town : Latitude: 35.0957198, Longitude: -76.62853989999996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HILL, Sara Emma  18 Apr 1928Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I146
2 HILL, Zulia Mae  11 Nov 1916Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I695
3 LUPTON, Alice  11 Sep 1914Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I1259
4 LUPTON, Amy Woodard  3 Mar 1898Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I57
5 LUPTON, Benjamin Waldo  23 Sep 1899Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I58
6 LUPTON, Bertha  1 Mar 1900Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I108
7 LUPTON, Buena Love  8 Oct 1918Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I54
8 LUPTON, Carroll Crescent  19 Oct 1907Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I123
9 LUPTON, Christopher Columbus  17 Jun 1912Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I113
10 LUPTON, Clarence Lyle  4 Oct 1917Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I120
11 LUPTON, Clarissa Ann  23 Jan 1867Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I527
12 LUPTON, Dorothy Marie  31 Jul 1922Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I55
13 LUPTON, Eugene St.Claire  6 Aug 1880Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I48
14 LUPTON, Florence Estelle  10 Dec 1922Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I615
15 LUPTON, Frederick Arthur  6 Nov 1882Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I49
16 LUPTON, Geneva Vera  24 Sep 1913Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I592
17 LUPTON, Gladys Rebecca  11 Dec 1918Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I64
18 LUPTON, Harold Joseph  31 Jan 1906Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I60
19 LUPTON, Harvey Arthur  1 Sep 1909Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I124
20 LUPTON, Hugh Edgar  1 Nov 1901Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I59
21 LUPTON, James Allen  7 May 1875Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I46
22 LUPTON, James Lloyd  29 Oct 1896Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I52
23 LUPTON, Joseph Adams Jr  9 Jul 1919Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I1262
24 LUPTON, Josiah S  6 Sep 1875Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I529
25 LUPTON, Lena Rivers  12 Apr 1903Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I109
26 LUPTON, Lillian Louise  31 Oct 1916Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I115
27 LUPTON, Martha Elizabeth  1 Jan 1918Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I63
28 LUPTON, Maude D'Alene  19 Jul 1888Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I2548
29 LUPTON, Redding D  15 Sep 1880Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I530
30 LUPTON, Rena V  2 Oct 1914Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I114
31 LUPTON, Ruby Mae  29 Nov 1915Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I62
32 LUPTON, Sidney Matilda  28 Nov 1887Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I50
33 LUPTON, Sigmund Earl  26 Nov 1915Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I1260
34 LUPTON, Thomas Delbert  5 May 1918Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I593
35 LUPTON, Thomas Robinson  6 Sep 1887Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I532
36 LUPTON, Vivian Inez  6 Jan 1922Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I121
37 LUPTON, William Alexander  7 Mar 1878Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I47
38 LUPTON, William J  5 Jan 1908Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I61
39 LUPTON, William Thomas  15 Apr 1884Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I531
40 PAUL, Harvey Frost  15 Sep 1897Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I753
41 PAUL, Linwood Waldo  28 May 1921Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I754
42 PAUL, Nina Dare  30 Jul 1923Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I755
43 SILVERTHORNE, Jacqueline  Feb 1852Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I528
44 WHORTON, Ada  29 Nov 1903Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I524
45 WOODARD, William Henry  14 Mar 1875Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I3075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Clarkey S  30 Mar 1872Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I3084
2 CARAWAY, Mary Emma  31 Jul 1945Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I4749
3 HAWKINS, Elizabeth Susan  22 Aug 1933Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I163
4 LUPTON, Benjamin Franklin  20 Mar 1924Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I42
5 LUPTON, Dempsey G  1894Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I36
6 LUPTON, Eugene St.Claire  29 May 1957Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I48
7 LUPTON, Rebecca  11 Sep 1923Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I44
8 LUPTON, Redding D  19 Apr 1957Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I530
9 LUPTON, Rena V  3 Jul 1916Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I114
10 LUPTON, Steve Christopher  11 Dec 2006Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I701
11 LUPTON, Thomas  Nov 1884Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I641
12 PAUL, Linwood Waldo  1 May 1927Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I754
13 SILVERTHORNE, Jacqueline  Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I528
14 WOODARD, William Henry  4 Oct 1922Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I3075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PAUL, Grady Edwin  Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC I131


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LUPTON / GREGORY  30 Mar 1913Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC F507
2 LUPTON / SPENCER  11 May 1921Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC F347
3 LUPTON / WOODARD  23 Sep 1893Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC F9
4 SEAMAN / LUPTON  19 Oct 1944Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC F25
5 SPENCER / LUPTON  25 Apr 1890Whortonsville, Pamlico cnty, NC F201